Eric Blare is a contemporary American artist based in Northern California. Born in the Midwest hours before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Blare grew up acutely aware of the power of political mythology. He earned his B.A. from Indiana University and his M.A. from the University of Southern California. His art explores themes of revolution, deception, and the relationship between multicultural iconography and life as performance. Blare began his creative journey at a young age when quintessential images of Americana were endlessly fascinating to him. After moving to Los Angeles in 1989, his perspective on our dominant cultural ideology radically shifted, and he started experimenting with different mediums, techniques, and forms of artistic expression. As a result, the shimmering replicas of banality he observed were transformed into new layers of distressed beauty. With a keen eye for composition and a passion for storytelling, Blare invites viewers to delve into disturbing rich narratives and interpretive dreamscapes. His pieces evoke a sense of wonder and intellectual curiosity, encouraging us to marinate in the complexities of the human condition. Whether capturing the degeneracy of societal madness or probing the depths of the subconscious mind, his art continues to captivate audiences and ignite imaginations. The spectator of Blare’s work is left with a hymn about the edges of our world.